Monthly Teleconferences

We believe that it is our duty to provide the best Real Estate, Business, and Estate Planning representation to our clients and that it is our duty to help the residents of the Ohio Valley make good decisions about their legal needs. And in order to make good decisions you need Access to Information, which is why we have a Free Teleconference Call for our clients and prospective clients to listen in and ask their burning questions. 

Here is our calendar of teleconferences for 2019:

January Business Conference Call 

  • How to Make 2019 your Best Year Ever with Calendering and Budgeting. 
  • How to maximize your Team. 

February Real Estate Conference Call

  • Deal or No Deal: How to Find, Fund, and Farm Foreclosures?
  • Real Estate Pitfalls 

April Business Conference Call

  • 1st Quarter is in the books... what adjustments do you need to make? 
  • Is your business on track for success? 

May Real Estate Conference Call

  • Real Estate Call - How to find Short Sales? 

July Estate Planning Conference Call

  • 7 Most Common Mistakes that Executor's Make.

August Real Estate Conference Call

  • Open Q&A Call ask a Real Estate Question to a Real Estate Attorney. 

October Business Conference Call

  • It's the 4th Quarter. There's still time to accomplish your Goals. 

November Real Estate Conference Call

  • How to get along with your neighbor. Most real estate litigation cases arise from a personal problem and not a legal one. We'll review strategies so that you can avoid costly litigation matters with your neighbors. 

If you see a teleconference (or seminar) that's interesting to you or your family be sure to pre-register by calling our office at 740-346-2899 or completing the short form on this page.  We'll send you more information as we get closer to the meeting, but only to those who have pre-registered. 



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