When you are buying or selling real estate in Ohio, any number of things can go wrong. Given that these transactions generally involve a large amount of money, you would be smart to do everything you can to protect yourself and prevent problems that could lead to costly litigation. What can you do to ensure that a transaction goes well for you? Make sure the law is on your side by working with an experienced Ohio real estate lawyer from the get-go. And if you find yourself facing litigation—either as the plaintiff or the defendant—you need a real estate law firm with proven courtroom experience. Either way, Littlejohn Law has you covered.

Representing Clients in Residential and Commercial Deals

Our real estate clients run the gamut from first-time homebuyers to companies purchasing commercial real estate. No matter what our client’s goals are, we provide the same high level of service with a commitment to resolving issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. We handle both residential and commercial real estate matters:

  • Residential. Our residential clients come to us regarding private homes, vacation properties, condominiums, apartment rentals, new construction, renovations and contractors, city zoning, boundary lines, and more.
  • Commercial. Any kind of building or property purchased or leased by a business entity, including office space, warehouses, vacant land, retail property, storage units, etc., can fall under the commercial real estate area of the law.

Whether we are setting you up for success by helping you throughout a transaction or helping you hold another party accountable through litigation, you can be sure we are prepared to aggressively represent your interests.

Contracts, Disclosures, Lawsuits, and More

Real estate law is complicated, and new provisions are constantly being added to the books. At Littlejohn Law, our legal team stays up on the changes so that we can keep our clients informed. In a hot real estate market, all kinds of crazy things can happen. The faster you try to make a deal, the more likely it is that mistakes will happen or that someone will take advantage of you. With our help, you can easily navigate the following:

  • Transactions. Oftentimes, real estate transactions are handled by Realtors—whether they represent the buyer, the seller, or both at the same time. However, Realtors are not lawyers. Our team can make sure a transaction goes well for you, whether you are buying or selling an existing house, a new construction, an investment property, or a luxury home.
  • Litigation. Real Estate litigation is far too common when it comes to boundary lines and property rights. Unfortunately, when a transaction goes bad, you might need to file a lawsuit against another party—or defend yourself against one. We have successfully litigated cases involving breach of contract, property line disputes, non-disclosure of defects, fraud, foreclosures, and more.
  • Businesses dealing with real estate. As experienced business attorneys, we understand how important real estate is to all kinds of commercial entities. We help business owners with purchases, sales, leases, and litigation involving property.

Whatever your question or concern is about a building, house, or tract of land in Ohio, we can assist you. Reach out to our office to find out how we can help.

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