If you are looking for a hard-working law firm to represent you in a real estate transaction, help you create an estate plan, or to litigate a case for you, look no further than Littlejohn Law. Our attorneys are dedicated to serving clients in Southeast Ohio with integrity, commitment, and dedication. We offer a telephone consultation to determine your needs and goals, and assess whether we are the best firm to help you or not. We are always honest with clients and will refer you to another attorney if we can’t offer assistance.

Our Attorneys

Founding attorney Edward Littlejohn has chosen to work in a small firm because he believes that is where he can best serve clients. Edward focuses his private practice on providing high-quality legal representation to residents of Steubenville and the surrounding communities. Members of his legal team are from all around the world. Together, they bring outstanding legal services to the small town of Wintersville, Ohio.

Our Core Values

In establishing the firm, Edward Littlejohn wanted to identify the values under which he would strive to practice law. He developed these nine core values as a guideline for working with clients:

  1. Focus on serving the client
  2. Help solve problems
  3. Respect each other
  4. Make things better
  5. Open and honest communication (even though the truth often hurts)
  6. It's best to do something really, really well
  7. Make it home for dinner
  8. Do the right thing
  9. Do what we say we're going to do

If these sound like the things you value in your work and home life, then Littlejohn Law may be the law firm for you. Whatever your legal needs may be, schedule a telephone consultation with us and tell us your story. In this strategy session, we will give you all the information you need to make a decision about hiring us. Connect with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Logo 

We get questions all of the time about our logo design... why the Yin/Yang for a law firm? Attorney Littlejohn wanted something that represents his martial arts background, but also his approach to legal matters. The Yin/Yang represents movement and flow, kind of like water. Attorney Littlejohn believes that practicing law is like water - it can flow alongside the river or it can crash and create the Hoover Dam. So, he focuses on being like water. 


Elite Lawyer Badge
Elite Lawyer Badge