Littlejohn Law LLC represents clients in all types of residential and commercial real estate activities. We can help you avoid the many pitfalls that are often the fate of inexperienced or unrepresented buyers or sellers, enabling you to instead reap the benefits that your real estate transaction has to offer. Even when the housing market is struggling and economic times are tough, we have the ability to help our clients experience the full advantage of their real estate options. Even if you have already tried going it alone and find yourself in a bind, we can make sure your rights are protected and that your interests are represented as we fight to get you out of it.

Complex Real Estate Litigation

ohio real estate litigation attorneysOur attorneys represent businesses, homeowners, and contractors in complex real estate litigation proceedings. These disputes can vary widely and can have a significant impact on a small business and a lifestyle. It is important to have skilled legal representation in protecting your real estate interests.

Many real estate disputes surround some sort of damage or disrepair to the property. This property damage can be caused by the negligence of another individual. But in most instances, property damage disputes arise surrounding the contracts and purchase of real estate with damage or defects that the seller failed to disclose to the entity that bought it. In most circumstances, the party selling real estate must inform the party purchasing it of any and all damage that might exist and failure to do so is grounds for a lawsuit.

Another common source of real estate disputes arise during or following the construction and reconstruction of property. If work was promised and not fulfilled, the contractor may be sued. He or she might also be sued for defects or insufficient work. If the work was finished and the contract was not paid, a mechanics lien may be placed on the property.

Other common property issues:

Real estate disputes can often dramatically affect an individual’s ability to maintain forward progress. So when the need arises, it is crucial that you seek the counsel of our skilled real estate litigation team. We can examine your situation and provide insight into your options through legal channels.

When most of our clients come to us, they have looked at other options for resolution including contacting other lawyers, who ultimately “wouldn’t take their case.” So, we’re really their last hope in getting the matter resolved.

Our real estate litigation team is equipped to handle any real estate matter that you might encounter. We’re dedicated to protecting your interests in land.

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