It’s difficult enough to cope with a loss without having to worry about taking care of the deceased person’s affairs. When this task falls to you, it’s okay to ask for help. Our estate planning team has developed a survivor’s checklist to help you navigate the process.

How the Survivor’s Checklist Can Help You

You may be focused on honoring your loved one and sharing your loss with friends and family, and that’s exactly what you should be doing for the first few days after a death. Soon, however, you’re going to have to tackle other difficult tasks. With this helpful checklist, we will guide you through the following:

  • Making funeral arrangements
  • Notifying essential parties
  • Accessing legal documents
  • Gathering important information
  • Closing up the home
  • Distributing the death certificate
  • Starting the probate process
  • Settling the estate
  • Updating your own estate plan to reflect the loss of this person

The checklist provides details on all of these steps as well as an exhaustive list of all the potential individuals, agencies, and businesses that will have to be notified. The list we provide is comprehensive, and it may be a little overwhelming. Rest assured that we’re here to help you with any part of the process.

Request Your Complimentary Copy Today—It’s Quick and Easy

If you’ve recently lost a loved one—or want to help a friend who has lost someone—we invite you to get a copy of our helpful survivor’s guide as a first step in settling the deceased’s estate. Simply fill out the request form on this page, and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the document right away. We understand that you need help at this difficult time, and we are happy to offer this resource.

Keep in mind, too, that if you need additional help after you have read the checklist, reach out to us at any time! Our estate planning team offers telephone consultations for a wide variety of estate planning matters. If you can't wait, click the link to watch the webinar replay of the "Ins and Outs of Probate Court".

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