When a loved one passes, their estate will probably have to go through probate before anyone can inherit. Depending on the size and details of the estate, this can be a simple process, or it can be drawn-out and expensive. Without the help of a probate attorney, it can be hard to know which kind of estate you're dealing with. When you contact Littlejohn Law, we will explain our process—and costs—before you hire us. Read on to learn about our entire probate process.

Our Probate Client Intake Process

ohio probate attorneyA death in the family creates enough stress and uncertainty; you don't need to add to your burden by dealing with a law firm that is not clear about their process upfront. When you call Littlejohn Law about a probate matter, you can expect us to go through the following steps:

  • Initial consultation. When you call our office the first time, our intake specialist will set up an appointment for you and send you a questionnaire to fill out. In our initial consultation, we will go over the questionnaire and identify probate vs. non-probate assets. This will help us determine what our fees will be to probate the estate. Once you know what it will cost, you can decide whether to hire us or not.
  • Post-hire follow-up. If you decide to hire us, you will be assigned a dedicated member of our team to coordinate the work on your case. Once you sign our fee agreement, your team member will get to work. They will review your questionnaire and request additional information and documents if needed. They will get copies of all required documents, including the will, death certificate, bank certificates, deeds to houses, insurance policies, latest bills and financial statements, names and addresses of next of kin, trust documents, and any other required information.
  • In-house strategy session. Your team member will conduct a strategy meeting with our probate attorneys to discuss what will need to be done to complete the probate process quickly and efficiently.
  • Draft documents. Once we have a strategy in place, we will draft the required documents and send them to you to sign. They will then be filed with the probate court.
  • Keep you informed. From then on, our goal is to be in constant contact with you. You will be regularly updated through monthly status letters and access to your client portal. You are also welcome to call us with questions whenever you have them.

You have a lot of options when you need to probate an estate—including not using a lawyer at all. However, we think what we offer is well worth the money, considering the time and energy it will save you.

Why Hire Littlejohn Law

If we do our job right, you won't even know that probate is going on. We handle everything, including notifying creditors and handling outstanding debts. When we need your signature on documents or additional information from you, we have a contactless process that is safe and efficient. We think you will be impressed by our:

  • Attention to detail. Our goal is to identify potential problems upfront and take appropriate action to ensure that they don't slow down the process.
  • Dedication to efficiency. Just like you, we want to get in and out of probate court as quickly as possible. If we can minimize probate assets and qualify for a release of administration, you will save time and money. Even with a full administration, we are committed to navigating the process as efficiently as possible.
  • Custom solutions. Every probate client has unique issues and challenges. Our team takes the time to strategize about the best way to proceed in your specific situation. We will take advantage of all of the tools at our disposal to protect estate assets for heirs and speed up the process.

Contact Our Experienced Ohio Probate Attorneys Today

Losing a loved one can be devastating, but dealing with their estate doesn't have to add to the burden you bear. Request a free copy of our guide, What Comes Next? A Loved One's Guide to Maneuvering the Probate Process, and then contact us to schedule your free phone consultation. We are here to make your life easier after the death of a family member.


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