Michelle Petersen

Michelle Petersen

Client Success Manager
  • Littlejohn Law, LLC
  • 352 Main St. Wintersville, OH 43953
  • 740-346-2899

Michelle Petersen, Client Success Manager at Littlejohn Law lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with her 3 children Leigh-Jae, Micaela and Lareece, whom she regards as her greatest blessing.

Michelle enjoys interacting with, and helping others. She prides herself on her professionalism and experience with a proven record of accomplishments of providing optimal support and assistance to clients. She assists with all facuets of the Estate Planning and Real Estate Transaction Process. 

Michelle is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace.

“Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally, and when I started at Littlejohn Law, that was the very first impression I got from Attorney Littlejohn and the team, which is one of the reasons I joined the team. At Littlejohn Law, we a powerful positive team, and that inspires me to stay on top of my work and consistently over deliver ”

Michelle thrives in team settings and thinks her ability to effectively communicate with others is what drives her ability to solve a variety of problems.

If she’s not giving clients the ultimate intake care experience, she enjoys cooking for family and friends, especially for her kids, although they are adults, it's her way of stealing time away from their busy lives.

She matriculated in Johannesburg and furthered her education with an IBS Management & Business Administration NQF Level 4 diploma.