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You should know that you have found one of the most complete resources for small businesses in small communities.

Life and Business Courage teaches strategies for the Small Business Owner to grow their business through effective direct response marketing.

You will learn how to get more referrals, build automated marketing systems, develop highly responsive print ads, improve your internet marketing, and much more. Our private clients and event attendees discover how to attract more of the clients, customers, and patients that they really want for their business. These strategies are revealed through our It Takes Courage newsletter, at live events, and through a wide variety of calls and webinars. If you want to find out how you can build the business of your dreams and have marketing that is designed to get the most out of every dollar you spend, then Life and Business Courage is the place for you.

There has to be a better option.. than spend more make less.

The major problem most members face when they come to Life and Business Courage is that while they are spending money on marketing and advertising, they believe there is a smarter way to spend that money in order to, as we like to say, live life to the fullest while making more money, getting more clients and being there for their family. You see many people get in business to “get out” of doing the day to day and week to week tasks. Many small business owners are frustrated with working too many hours for clients, customers, and patients they don’t like and they are tired of being burned by marketing schemes and so-called “gurus.”

Meet Edward Littlejohn, Jr., the founder of Life and Business Courage:

​ ​“I’m a full time small biz owner, just like you. I run a small law firm that focuses on Real Estate, Business, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury in Wintersville, Ohio. I’ve spent years researching the most effective strategies for small businesses, while helping my father run his karate school and growing my law firm. What I found is that direct response marketing is the most effective out there. So, I decided to create Life and Business Courage to attract other small business owners who are serious about changing their lives by improving their business.”

As you know, running a business that isn’t bringing in enough good clients is draining.

It drains your finances.

It drains you emotionally.

It even saps your energy physically.

Brining in bad clients is even worse! It can destroy your business from the inside-out.


The Solution isn’t work more and make less. Get the Small Business Emergency Survival Kit for Small Businesses in Small Communities looking for Massive Results.

What does a lawyer know about growing a Business?

For over 10 years, I have dedicated the majority of my time to helping and understanding the needs of Real Estate Investors and Small Business Owners build their empires. I’ve spent tens of thousands attending seminars, buying products, and learning the best strategies and tactics to grow a successful business – you know one insulated from the global and world economy.

            Through my journey, I’ve covered everything from starting a business to managing a profitable team to the sale of the business and everything in between. Now, I must say I haven’t sold my business, but I have helped some clients buy and sell businesses.

            What I recently realized is that dedicating 10 plus years to my learning and growth as given me an incredible insight on how successful businesses run and operate. And that it’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned with the world. So, Life and Business Courage is a coaching program to help Small Business owners thrive in any market. ​

I’m Ready for Life & Business Courage Gold Coaching

We have a certain philosophy about business that is different from many other business consultants. We’re not interested in selling “snake oil” to make a quick buck. If you’re unsure of whether Life and Business Coaching can really help you, read my book first.

Again, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning from the best at building a team and marketing. For all my learning, I’ve built a marketing system designed around a very simple idea: Focus on finding and keeping PNC’s (Perfect New Clients) and stop sending messages designed to appeal to everyone else. Focus on Finding and Keeping PNCs.

We know you already have a number in mind … maybe it is increasing your monthly gross revenue … Or maybe it’s an improved net profit … We can help you rapidly accelerate your progress. 

Now let me show you how to make the most of it. How to get more clients. How to make more money. And how to build a business oriented around the lifestyle you desire.


This is About YOU and Your Growth Needs!

What you need most is Precise Guidance and ongoing support.

My #1 Goal for you… ... Help you Attract More Clients, customers, and patients AND Make More Money. 

Here’s how you and I are going to rapidly improve your marketing and get more clients, customers, and patients for your business together…

  • First, you get our Understanding the Main Parts of a Business – the Business Planning Workbook. Easy to follow workbook to help you clearly identify where you are going. $297.00 value.
  • Crush the next 90 days with 90 Day Results Accelerator$29.00 value.
  • Get on the Monthly Gold Call. Where I guide members through a new marketing opportunity, strategy for growth and staff development. The live call is a recorded group coaching call. $197.00 value.
  • Receive your weekly It Takes courage business tip.  $97.00 value.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call to discuss your biggest challenge for your business. $497.00 value.
  • Quarterly Mastermind Meeting – where you can meet and network with other small business owners discussing topics like person growth, marketing, cash management, and staff development. $997.00 value.

YOUR PRICE is $97 down and $49.97 per month (total VALUE over $2,000 dollars)

If you look at the price of LBC Gold Coaching and balk at $97 to start plus $49.97 per month in monthly membership (even though there is zero long-term commitment, a money-back guarantee, and a “cancel anytime” policy), feel free to follow that instinct and walk away. This probably isn’t right for you at this moment. But I know that many readers of this letter will be shocked at how small an investment they will make.

After all, $97 is the equivalent of a monthly cable bill. In some businesses, it’s less than you even pay every month for your phone and internet bill. I’ve spent more money on dinners out with my wife and daughter.

Why, then, is the investment comparatively so small if the value is so high?

Frankly, it’s because there are a lot of “vultures” in the business and personal development space. Plenty of organizations with bad intentions but slick sales pitches circle over the industry, looking for their next victim.

I work every day to combat these vultures and help entrepreneurs and owners build businesses that provide them autonomy and independence. I want you to have your own resources and information to deploy effective marketing, instead of relying on the “wisdom” of people who only want to sell you another widget.

Fortunately, there are still enough business owners who want to learn, share, and grow a real brick and mortar business. There used to be more… but it seems you and I are a dying breed. Too many small businesses turn over their marketing to SEO “gurus” and bold promises from lead generation services, trading dollars they don’t have for leads that don’t really exist.

I want to reward your curiosity with a fair deal.

Maybe it will allow someone who isn’t sure he or she is ready to take the plunge. I know every time I jumped before I was ready and put in the work … I succeeded.

There are customers in your community who are in need of your services.

There are more referrals to get (for those willing to follow some simple strategies that involve mailing physical letters to clients some of which are already written for you).

There are plenty of leads online (if you know how to grab them).

And there are still countless customers available the “old-fashioned” ways (print, radio, etc. – and we can explode your results from these media formats if you follow my system and get rid of ineffective ads).

It’s time for you to make a decision.

Everything you need is below…

Your LBC Gold Coaching program is shipped immediately, you’ll get access to the membership, and you’ll start enjoying the direct access benefits plus the It just Takes Courage tips as soon as you CLICK I’M READY FOR LIFE & BUSINESS COACHING.

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