Megan Reed Client Care Specialist

Megan Reed

Megan Reed

Client Care Specialist
  • Littlejohn Law, LLC
  • 352 Frank Layman Blvd. Wintersville, OH 43953
  • 740-346-2899

The team at Littlejohn Law is growing and we're always excited to welcome new people into our family. Megan is on the front lines answering the telephone and helping people make the best decision they possibly can. 

Part of Megan's responsibility here is to ensure that everyone who contacts our office whether by telephone, internet, or walks through our door is receiving the best customer care and service that we can provide. She's experienced first-hand how it feels to contact an attorney before working here. Read on to learn about Megan's first encounter with a lawyer. 

Recently, I had a matter that I thought could use some legal assistance, even if it was a bit of information or advice. I had contemplated for quite a long time as to whether or not I was ready to actually get this situation addressed, and after I decided it was the best thing to do, I summoned up that little extra piece of courage to make the call. I was deeply disappointed by the “help” I received. I could immediately sense in the tone of the conversation that this person was not interested in taking the time to help me.

They only gave me the most basic of information that I needed, and they did not seem very willing to go much further with the situation, I was heavily disappointed, considering that it took a large amount of personal power to even make that call. I felt embarrassed, judged, misunderstood, inferior, and like a nuisance. I regretted even taking my time to make the call to that firm, wishing that I would have just tried to contact someone else potentially more helpful first. This was my first time ever trying to contact an attorney for assistance, and it was a nightmare.

While other attorneys may be brushing you off, the attorneys here at Littlejohn Law are forever trying to gather the best information to assist you with your legal matter, regardless of whether you decide to move forward with their assistance or not. They keep in touch with every client (or potential client) for months and years to come, continually following up and ensuring that they have given you every possible outlet to give you the best assistance possible. While other attorneys may be making you feel inferior, judged, inconvenient, the attorneys here are treating you (and everyone else around them) with the utmost respect and giving you the knowledge and power you may need to make a well-informed decision legally. Your best interest is always the at the forefront of their minds.

If you are on the fence about whether or not this is the right team for you, I can promise you that we are; you have come to the right place to get the help you need. Stop searching in all the wrong places, being made to feel as though your legal matters may be less important than the next one, and come to a law firm where excellence comes standard.

Thanks Megan for taking the time to share your experience.