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  • October 2017 Newsletter It takes Courage to “Do the Right Thing.” How many times have you wanted to do something or say something? For some people, this comes easy and for others, it doesn’t.
  • September 2017 Newsletter Labor Day is a time to thank the “Laborers” of the world. So this Labor Day be sure to take some time to Thank the hard workers... you know the people handling the day to day things, that make your life easier.
  • August 2017 Newsletter Thank you to everyone who sent cards and calls, welcoming our daughter into the world. Kyzlee (prounced “Isley” with a K) Evelynn was born on July 3rd at 9:56pm weighing a whopping 10lbs and 22.5 inches long.
  • July 2017 Newsletter I always enjoy this time of year because it marks the half way point. It reminds me that I need to hurry up and schedule a vacation; that Back to School Shopping will be starting in less than a month; that it’s almost football season; and that everyone will be making a mad dash to start their Christmas shopping in a few months.
  • June 2017 Newsletter My father played an important role in my life and I hope to play an important role in my child’s life. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads and Granddads.
  • May 2017 Newsletter It’s hard to believe that it May is here already. That means Summer is almost here and before you know it, we’ll be doing Christmas Shopping again.
  • April 2017 Newsletter Happy Easter. Remember the reason for the Season. Our Savior gave his life for us. What are you trading your life for?
  • March 2017 Newsletter It’s kind of hard to believe that first day of Spring is March 20, but we’ve been experiencing wonderful weather for several weeks.
  • February 2017 Newsletter Unfortunately, my team isn’t playing the Super Bowl this year. We had a tough loss against the Patriots in the conference championship. The Super Bowl should be a good game with two exceptional teams.
  • January 2017 Newsletter At the beginning of the New Year, there’s always a lot of talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Before, you decide what you’re going to give up in 2017, take some time to do a 2016 Recap and review all of your accomplishments from last year.