Our Plan vs. Their Plan – Which One Better Protects Your Family

Our Plan vs. Their Plan.  In need of an estate plan for you and your family?  What is a Comprehensive Will-Based Plan?

What is the primary goal of estate planning?

It is to help your family avoid probate court and accomplish their goals.

Why work with Littlejohn Law for your real estate and probate matters?  When it comes to real estate and probate matters, my team and I focus on providing the best possible services.  We spend time to help you decipher what your needs and wants are for you and your family and put them into the appropriate plan that best fits you for the future.  At Littlejohn Law, we routinely do free estate plan reviews for plans drafted by other lawyers or law firms to discuss what is missing.  That is the biggest difference.

What is a Comprehensive Will-Based Estate Plan?

This plan is a comprehensive plan to protect your family.  It helps them have the authority that they need so that they can make medical and financial decisions for you if, in the event, you are in an unconscious or incapacitated state.  It gives them the authority to make financial decisions so they could go to the bank to pay bills or anything that they need. It helps them avoid the need to get guardianship.

The caring team at Littlejohn Law helps you to protect your family, understand, and avoid the headaches of probate court.  Call us at 740-346-2899.

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