Nominate Guardian For Your Child

Nominating A Legal Guardian For Your Child.  What is the best tool to protect your children?  Who is going to take care of them? Who's going to be the one to provide for their financial and emotional well-being?  Who is the best person to make sure they install the same values as you would as a parent?

Why is it important to nominate a legal guardian?

If you don't nominate a legal guardian, then the probate court will decide who is in the best interest to be the legal guardian of your children.

Here is the reason why this is a bad thing!

You might think the probate court will pick someone who has their stuff together and the probate court will do exactly that.  They will pick the person who has everything in order and is the right person in that respect.  But here is the drawback…

The probate court isn't going to look to see if your child has a relationship with that person.  The probate court is going to pick the best person to take care of their financial well-being and the child.  The financial aspect is only one part of it.

Consider the values and background of your child when choosing a legal guardian.

This requires a different level of understanding.  At Littlejohn Law, we try to focus on making sure that you nominate somebody that knows your children, and that your children get along with them.  Someone that loves and cares for your children.

Choosing two different people as legal guardians for your child.

In some instances, it is advised that you nominate two different people.  Look at who handles finances well and who can care for your child or children both emotionally and spiritually.  Sometimes that is not just one person.  One person is chosen to handle the finances because they are very good at it and another person is chosen to raise your child.  This person will make sure they get the best education and religious values and principles.  What we give our children is one thing, but what we instill in them is another thing.

We, at Littlejohn Law, know how important family is and we want the best for you and your family.  And oftentimes what we instill in our children; the values, the principles, are the things that truly matter in life.

If you don't have a plan for your family, reach out to us so that we can make sure that your young children are taken care of.  You don’t want your child caught in the limbo of the Department of Job and Family Services because you didn’t have a plan in place.

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"Remember, where there's a Will, there's a way.  Where there's no Will, then there's probate."

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