Free consultations for Real Estate Litigation matters…do they really exist? We receive many phone calls demanding “free consults” or with prospects telling my client care specialist that another attorney is charging less for the consultation fee, or better yet making comments like “Why should I pay for a consult when Joe Shmo down the street gives free consults?” Most people accept that lawyers charge a fee for their time.

real estate litigation attorneyHere’s why experienced Real Estate lawyers, such as our team, do not offer free consultations in complex real estate matters.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “a lawyer’s time is his stock and trade.” Our time is valuable to us.

When you hire our firm, you get our utmost dedication and commitment to your case. If we tie up all our time giving “free legal advice” to future clients, our current clients would suffer. Time is a limited commodity and our loyalty is to our current clients.

Even if you don’t hire us, once we hear your side of the story, we can no longer represent the other side because there is now a conflict of interest.

In fact, this is a common “dirty trick” that happens in divorce cases. One spouse will meet with all of the best divorce lawyers in town (with no intention of hiring them) sharing just enough juicy details to establish an attorney/client privilege and limiting the spouse’s options for representation. We see this ”dirty trick” in real estate litigation as well due to our dominant online presence. We’ve had neighbors contact us about the same litigation matter and even municipalities.

Real Estate laws and how they apply to YOU is case-specific.

It is impossible to properly analyze how the law applies to you unsell we get a complete picture of the facts and circumstances, which can be completed in an hour. And in most instances, we need additional time after the consultation to further develop the facts.

A consultation fee assesses how serious you are about hiring us. It is also an honest declaration of our services and fees. We have no intention of wasting your time or overselling our services if you simply cannot afford it. If you are looking for general information, you can browse our blog, website and request a complimentary copy of our book. We spend a lot of time on the blog and website to keep it updated weekly. If you seek detailed legal advice, my team and I will need to schedule a block of time for me to sit down with you.

What can I expect from my Paid Consultation?

Uninterrupted time with an experienced Real Estate Litigation Attorney for up to an hour.

We will schedule a block of time to sit down with you and carefully listen to you. In addition, we will review any documentation that you have, advise of additional documentation, or evidence needed, and ask you some questions to better understand your situation. Real Estate lawyers know the law and can explain the legal issues to you, and go over how it may apply to you in your case. An experienced real estate lawyer will perform a specific legal analysis based on the facts you have provided and will develop a strategy to help you get on a pathway to success.

Explore options for handling your Real Estate Matter

When you are dealing with a real estate matter, you have several options. Litigation is not the only choice. Even if the other side has “lawyered up,” you may not need to battle it out in court. We will go over all your options and explain the costs to find a solution that best suits your individual situation. It is not unusual for us to advise a client during an initial consultation that our services are actually not needed. We regularly offer alternatives that benefit only you (and not use), such as entering into a settlement agreement.

A Paid Consult Avoids these Time-Wasters

We will not waste your time and money giving you general information that you can find on our website.

In a real estate litigation case, your assets are at issue. You want a lawyer who understands money. Be wary of “cheap” lawyers who will accept your entire case for a minimum of $2,500.00 for your case when your case is replete with complex issues. The initial retainer does not fund the entire case, and many times, these lawyers enter a case with no long-term commitment to you. In fact, their limited involvement can harm you in the long run. Pay a cheap roofer for a “cheap patch job” and your roof will collapse in the next rainstorm. When you finally pay a professional roofer, they will charge you more than they would have originally charged you, just to undo the damage from a cheap patch job.

Contact Top Real Estate Litigation Attorney Ed Littlejohn Today

You get what you pay for. If a firm or lawyer is willing to commit several hours delivering “free legal advice,” they must be lacking clients or experience. Remember a lawyer’s time is his stock and trade. Reputation and experienced lawyers charge for their time in return for valuable knowledge and expertise. And there is comfort in knowing that you are getting what you paid for. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney about your real estate litigation matter.

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