The common issues that startups are likely to have to consider and address from the outset.

  1. Deciding what form the startup will take and what degree of protection you want.
  2. Deciding the right name for your business and ensuring that no other businesses offering a similar service have registered with your name.
  3. Registering your company’s name.
  4. Deciding on the brand of your business and product and ensuring that you are not infringing any other business’s intellectual property rights.
  5. Entering into leases when you are ready to move into new premises.
  6. Drawing up or entering into contracts relating to the sale, purchase, or distribution of goods.
  7. Drawing up contracts of employment when you are ready to recruit your first members of staff.
  8. Entering into contracts with business providers.
  9. Seeking advice on the relevant laws that affect your industry or sector.


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