We've worked with Banks and Title Companies. We've watched them slow down Real Estate deals. We've watched Banks delay the process by requesting additional proof of "the source of Closing funds." We've watched title companies extend Closings for 60 days. We've watched Sellers find new buyers. And Buyers lose out on good deals. 

We understand the importance of quickly and efficiently finding a Real Estate Deal and being able to Close on it in a timely manner, which is why we've created a 7-Day Cash Closing Kit for Cash Residential Real Estate Transactions. 

The 7-Day Cash Closing Kit is a flat fee of $1,250 and consisting of following legal services: 

  • Purchase Agreement ($750 cost if purchased separately) 
  • Deed Preparation & Transfer plus court costs ($450 cost if purchased separately) 
  • Title Search  ($450 cost if purchased separately) 
  • Closing ($450 cost if purchased separately) 

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Here's how it works:

Once, you've identified a property that you want to purchase and a Purchase Price contact us and we'll take over from there. 

We'll discuss the Deal with you and speak to the other party over the phone so that we understand your real estate deal. Once we understand the deal we can determine the essential terms to the transaction and decide the language for the Purchase Agreement.

Then, we'll perform a title search to identify liens, encumbrances, or defects in the change of title to make sure that buyers are receiving good title and so that sellers won’t have to worry about someone coming after them in the future for a bad transaction. If there are any encumbrances on the property, like mortgages or other liens, we work with the third party to have it removed at the time of the Closing. Now, sometimes at this point we learn that the third party wants to hold up the transaction so that they get their money. We will keep you informed if we are unable to Close within the 7 Days. 

We'll prepare the Closing Documents and the New Deed for the parties to sign and Execute. Once that's done, we make sure that all the liens have been paid, documents have been recorded, and send you a copy of the fully signed and executed documents for your records.

If you're ready to Close your Cash Residential Real Estate Transaction in the next 7 business days, fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you.

You're on your way to Closing your Real Estate Deal.

*Disclaimer The 7 days Closed Guaranteed is based on both parties being responsive to calls from our team,  cooperative third parties, and parties availability for the Closing.  The 7 days begins when we have discussed the matter with you and you have paid the flat fee.  

Let's Close this Deal in 7 Days