There are 2 Common Ways to get Medical Treatment, even if you can't pay for it up front. 


  1. MedPay - this is where you use your auto insurance coverage for medical payments to pay for your treatment, while your case is pending. 
  2. Agreement with Medical Provider to get paid once the case has been finalized. 


One of our clients were hit by a Drunk Driver. At the time our client, lets call her Stephanie, didn't think that she was injured, but then a few days later she noticed pain in her neck and back. Stephanie didn't immediately contact our office she continued, without representation. She went several months going to her regular doctor and physical therapist for treatment, with no success. Everything was covered with her personal healthcare insurance, but then she lost her job and her doctor told her that the road to recovery would be a long one. To make matters worst, the medical bills started piling up and some of her medical providers threaten collections.

That's when Stephanie contacted my team and we were able to help her out. What Stephanie didn't know was that she had $25,000 in MedPay coverage so she didn't have to use her personal healthcare insurance for anything. Wonder why her own car insurance company didn't tell her that they had money available to pay her bills? 

Insurance Adjusters don't want you to use your MedPay and Medical Providers are sometimes hesitant to come to an agreement. ​You already know why the adjusters don't want you to use the medpay... its how they make money, by keeping yours. But what you didn't know is that Medical Providers are sometimes hesitant because they might get called as a witness to testify in the case on your behalf.

If you are having trouble getting the Medical Treatment that you need even though you were injured at the fault of someone else, give us a call at 740.346.2899.