A business was trying to change the way the neighborhood was zoned to put in a crematorium.This issue was against my wife,and I,and the neighbors safety and property values.The funeral home was trying to install this in an old garage only eleven feet from the street where children walk and ride their bikes.We all knew this was going to be a big problem for us all.The biggest problem was that the funeral director was a councilman in our village.So my wife and I knew we were definitely going to need professional help.We decided to hire the Littlejohn Law team.We definitely made the right decision.Mr. Littlejohn and his team were very profeessional and were honest.He stated from the beginning that it was going to be a complex case and that he and his team would do everything they could to get the right turnout for us and our neighborhood and THAT HE DID.My wife and I were so very pleased with what the law firm was able to do for us.We would definitely like to let other people know that this firm is very professional and if they have any issues with property to not hesitate to give them a call.The Littlejohn Law firm also gave us a free phone consultation before we hired them.My wife and I are not receiving anything from this law firm for writing this review.We are sure that everyone probably heard the saying "You Can't Fight City Hall".Well my wife and I say "Yes You Can,With The Right Law Firm,The Littlejohn Law Firm!My wife and I want to thank everyone at Littlejohn Law Firm!Charles and Debra