In the event that you find that your real estate valuation isn't accurate, you can appeal the county auditor's value. That’s right you can appeal the county’s value of your property, which will result in lowering your property taxes.

It may be in your best interest to seek a highly qualified appraise who will be able to analyze the count’s valuation of your property. Often, appraisers use one of three approaches to analyzing the value:

  1. The sales comparison approach,
  2. The income approach, or
  3. The cost approach.

The experts job is not only to find the true value of the hoe, but to also defend their opinion of value with supporting facts.

The County will set up a hearing to discuss the property valuation and question your expert. We can be there on your side to help ensure a successful outcome.

If the value of your property has lately gone up, you believe you are paying too much property tax, or have recently had an inaccurate appraisal call (740) 346-2899 and schedule a consultation. Our real estate team can assist you in assessing your situation and advise you of what options may be available to you.