Littlejohn Law has been successful in both prosecuting and defending real estate litigation cases of all types, including commercial and residential real estate transactions, and construction defects. Whether a trial lasts 3 days or 3 months, we prepare in advance. We constantly re-evaluate, and reassess any new facts, evidence or rulings and how they can affect the initial strategy.

Defending real estate lawsuits focuses on identifying the best initial strategy. No attorney can predict the outcome of a trial but, through deep work, a comprehensive examination of the facts and evidence as well as vast preparation, we’ve found that we place our clients in a much better position and are more likely to achieve the desired outcome.

Through the many cases Littlejohn Law has taken on, each case is uniquely different because of the difference in the facts, the witnesses or documents involved.

Because each case is so different, knowing the litigation stages and employing an effective strategy from the start is pertinent to raise the chances of the preferred outcome.

If you are caught up in a real estate litigation matter, call our office at (740) 346-2899 to schedule your initial consultation and strategy overview.