Littlejohn Law is proud to be a place where students can learn and engage with the legal profession as Interns – whether remote or in person.

We’re thrilled by how many people are interested not only in real estate and the legal profession, but in making a difference in our community. 

What is interning at Littlejohn Law like?

We have paid positions (Marketing & Law Clerk) for people who are serious about learning from a top-rated lawyer in Ohio. And unpaid internship for students who just want to get some experience working in an office environment and to find out what the legal field is about.

As an unpaid intern, you’ll get to work with our customer service and legal teams in a fast paced environment. You’ll get great experience answering the phones, speaking with potential clients, and handling basic office duties.

You’ll also get behind the scenes access to working a case to Trial and attending Court hearings, whether virtual or in-person.

If you’re interested in real estate and/or a career in the legal field and are interested in interning with a top-rated law firm in Ohio, email [email protected] and we’ll let you know how to apply for an unpaid internship.

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