Ohio Remote Law Clerk 

If you’re looking to figure out where you’ll be spending the summer as a law student, then look no further than your home office. We are a small, fast growing law firm. We are looking for someone to help us with Memos, blogs, and articles, to blast all over the internet.

What’s really cool about this job is that once you learn the systems that we use, you can easily either work part-time all year long or build your own practice. This will be a great job for someone who is a forever learner and looking to leverage the fact that the world is always changes, which gives them a competitive advantage over others. You see “practicing law” requires a lot of searching for the law on issues that are ever changing. For you to be successful with this position, you must be a self-starter – meaning that while you will spend part of your time in zoom calls with our team to develop strategies and identify issues, you will spend the bulk of your time working on your own laptop wherever you can get into the deep work zone.

In other words, you have to be hardworking, diligent, and trustworthy. If you are the type of person who, when you respond to this ad, have to ask us “now what was the ad I was responding to?” then we don’t want you. If you can’t keep track of deadlines, we don’t want you… If you can’t follow instructions, we don’t want you… oh and if you think society owes you something, we don’t want you. We have to get after it everyday to get our share of the marketplace, so there’s no time for freeloaders. Basically, if you want the traditional “law clerk” or “summer associate” experience, then this isn’t right for you.

We know there are good hard-working students out there – the kind that make parents proud and bring honor to their family name… even when that means challenging the status quo!

Law Clerk Compensation $17 to $20 per hour

We pay $17-$20 per hour and we expect you’ll be able to work about 25-30 hours a week. It would be a really good idea to check us out online to get a feel for what we are already doing.

To apply, complete the form below and email us…

Subject Line: Remote Summer Law Clerk

In your email, tell us that you are willing to work this summer job for $17-$20 per hour and how you have “succeeded against the odds” that were stacked against you.

We will check YOU out on the Internet, so if what we find is a whole bunch of pictures of you getting drunk or otherwise acting inappropriately, keep it moving.

No phone calls, email only. We are ready to get started by May 20th.

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