We know being a Real Estate Entrepreneur can be a daunting task. Your tenants never truly understand the sacrifices that you make to make sure that are taken care of. Sometime the constant nagging, calling, and texting can drive you nuts. Not to mention the fact that you worry that they’re going to destroy your property… the same one you spent so much money to prepare for them.

You focus on Find it, Fund it, Farm it and we’ll handle the legal stuff for you.

Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Package which is a twelve-month legal advisory program designed to address a unique set of challenges and opportunities associated with rental properties. During the twelve-month commitment:

  • We handle ALL of your evictions from preparing, to executing, and attending.
  • We provide and Implement a system for prescreening and pre-qualifying Tenants so that “D” & “F” Tenants wean themselves out leaving you only “A” & “B” Tenants.
  • We have an Annual Review meeting to discuss rental properties and future rental opportunities.
  • We provide email access to our Legal Team to ask questions.
  • We have group call and meetings with other Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

One question that comes up a lot is “What is all that going to cost?” My fees typically range from $1,500 to $5,000 dollars depending on what you ultimately decide you want to accomplish, how many deeds need transferred, and the number of hours spent preparing and sitting in court for evictions. But, don’t worry though, since my firm is offering a Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Package its either a monthly payment or a one-time lump sum payment for all of the above listed services. Plus, we offer several members’ pricing options which enable you to take advantage of certain of our premium legal services at a lower price. And these bring with them added peace of mind benefits too.


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