As a law firm, we have a unique role in our community. We help people in their time of need, but we can also help improve the lives of others and our community as a whole. This is why we started the Littlejohn Law VIP Program. Because everyone should have access to sound legal advice and we want to lead the charge and give back to our community.

So you may be wondering… what is the Littlejohn Law VIP Program? It’s a FREE VIP Membership program for people living in the Ohio Valley.

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Some the benefits consist of:

  • Complimentary Basic Estate Plan Review (for Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney, & General POAs)
  • Complimentary  Auto Insurance Review & Long-Term Care Insurance Review
  • Complimentary Notary Service
  • Free Entry into the Littlejohn Law Contest & Events

Feel free to register for your FREE VIP Membership and take advantages of the VIP Membership perks!

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