As we look back over the 2018 calendar year, we are very appreciative and grateful of the many accomplishments and blessings that took place. Here's a quick recap of our highlights ... 

January Jeff and Ally's Wedding! 



February Kyzlee's first tooth and holding her own bottle!


March Edward decides its time for a new website and to improve communication with clients by using a client portal. 

April Kyzlee's first steps (she skipped the crawling phase!)


May Big mother's day celebration with my family. Edward and Jeff enjoy Jeff's beef brisket



June new website is ready for Launch!



July Kyzlee's first birthday and she goes to the petting Zoo!



August we start featuring a local business each month in our Newsletter. This is a great opportunity for our clients to learn more about the small businesses in our community. 

September Jeff enjoys UTEP football game with the in-laws. Edward gets nominated as one of the "Top 10 best Real Estate lawyers in Ohio"

October Edward speaks at the Great Legal Marketing National Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Jeff goes to a NASCAR race with his parents and wife. 


November Edward speaks at the Greater Akron Business Summit and works on the Seminar Conference Room. 


December Kyzlee enjoys her 2nd Christmas and opening gifts. Edward and Jeff take some time off to be with their families. 


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