Real Estate Transactions

Littlejohn Law LLC practices real estate law in the Ohio area and represents clients in all types of residential and commercial real estate activities. Our firm is unique in the fact that it represents both buyers and sellers of real estate and concentrates on guiding clients through their real estate activities.

The selling of real property may be the largest transaction a person will make in his or her life. Our team can offer the legal support and guidance through the process when addressing the legal codes and regulations associated with residential and commercial real estate transactions. In general, real estate transactions have many legal issues and numerous pitfalls.

It’s a good idea for individuals, corporations, or partnerships to seek legal advice before entering a real estate transaction. The time spent in the beginning to ensure proper documentation, funding, title, and other essential components are correct and in place can help avoid future problems.

houseFor those involved in a transaction and in need of legal help, Attorney Edward L. Littlejohn is confident in his amount of experience and knowledge of real estate transactions to help clients through the real estate process. We offer professional and effective legal services for real estate transactions while representing and protecting our clients’ best interests.

We can help you avoid the many pitfalls that are often the fate of inexperienced or unrepresented buyers or sellers, enabling you to instead reap the benefits that your real estate transaction has to offer. Even when the housing market is struggling and economic times are tough, we have the ability to help our clients experience the full advantage of their real estate options.

Make an appointment for a free telephone consultation with a real estate lawyer today. If you are looking toward a real estate transaction in the near future, a real estate lawyer can give you the legal assistance you need. Call today and see what our firm can do for you. 740.346.2899.