Estate Planning

Regardless of the size of your personal estate, it is important to make sure that you always have the proper documents in place to protect you and your family. Protecting our loved ones in the event of our death or incapacity is something of great importance to most of us. Proactive planning helps avoid unnecessary headaches and legal expenses. We want to help ensure that your wishes are carried out as you desire.

Our goal is to help you make a well informed decision regarding your assets and distribution of those assets. We want to make sure your loved ones get the property that you’ve earned.

qtq80-kY2VfwIn some instances, Estate planning can be simple depending on the size of the estate. We’ll help you and your family navigate through the common pitfalls and best practices to ensure that your desires are met.

If you’re ready to take the first step, then give us a call at 740.346.2899 for a Free Telephone Consultation so that we can help you with your Estate planning needs.

Just in case you were wondering about the process, here’s some insight as to what it would be like to work with our law firm. First, we send you a Estate Planning Questionnaire to fill out and mail in before you first consultation. This gives us some basic information about your family and your assets. Then, during your initial consultation, we’ll ask you questions to identify your goals and discuss the pros and cons of different strategies to accomplish those goals. Next, we will prepare the necessary estate planning documents, carefully explaining the purpose and decision making powers outlined in each document. And lastly, we’ll make sure that you understand the documents that you are signing, and the impact that they will have on you and your family.