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Here, you can find a selection of guides written by Edward L. Littlejohn, Jr. These guides are designed to give a brief introduction to various legal topics. We hope you will find them useful! Click on the book’s cover to get more information and get your free copy.


consumer-guide-to-real-estate-transactions_02_3d-3Consumer Guide to Real Estate Transactions contains information about the process of buying, selling, and maintaining real estate. Including anecdotes about successful sales and a list of questions you should be asking before entering into any real estate negotiations, this guide serves as a basic introduction for anyone interested in what to do and what not to do in real estate. Click here to get your free copy!




Choosing the Right Lawyer For Your Business is a great guide for business owners who are wondering about the benefits of hiring an attorney. Whether you already have questions or want to figure out what kind of questions you should be asking, this guide will walk you through the steps of picking out an attorney that’s a good fit for you and your business. Click here to get your free copy!



06_05_2016_small-claims-court_1_3d-3Small Claims Court: How to navigate small claims court on your own is a helpful guide to the operations of small claims court, providing a solid introduction for anyone interested in learning a little more about small claims court and hearings. If you have a question about small claims court, this guide contains a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section that may have your answer! Click here to get your free copy!


12_09_2016_for-enterpriselj_8-myths-about-wills-estate-planning-_-probate_3d-38 Myths About Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate addresses some false ideas many people often have when looking into the process of inheritance and protecting their assets after death. If you’re looking to get your affairs in order, plan out your future division of assets, or are simply curious about what may be true and what may be false when it comes to estate planning and Probate Court, this guide can be a great starting point. Click here to get your free copy!


12_09_2016_for-enterpriselj_8-real-estate-pitfalls-to-avoid-with-a-realtor_3d-38 Real Estate Pitfalls to Avoid with a Realtor is a guide for those searching for a new home. It contains practical advice on what kind of realtor to trust to help you through your search, along with some solid facts on types to definitely avoid. We want you to receive the best service possible, so take our advice: pick a realtor that fits the criteria from this guide to have a better chance at success during your search. Click here to get your free copy!